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Who we are

Enceladus Press is a new publishing house dedicated to aesthetics, contemporary arts and philosophy.

We are honored to publish original writings as well as translations by eminent figures in academia and the arts. We encourage an ongoing conversation between speculative and creative thinking, based on our experiences, scholarly knowledge, and artistic practice. We also promote a continual dialogue between the Anglo-Saxon and Francophone worlds, pursuing a long-standing tradition in art history. From conversations with artists to aesthetics and general philosophy, we advocate the uniqueness of each way of thinking, as well as their ability to discuss and echo those of others. Enceladus Press, as a publishing house, is dedicated to giving the realm of aesthetics a full role in addressing today's sociological, environmental, technical, scientific, and pedagogical challenges. We are also keen to promote projects that are as close as possible to the reality of creative and conceptual works and practices, to their sensitive and contextual nature.

We're committed to a simple idea: a book is an object, not a commodity. It means we focus on its materiality and possible formats. In this way, we consider each publication in its resonance with the artworks and thoughts it promotes: format, reproductions, typography or paper...

For more information about proposing a book project to Enceladus Press, please see our information for prospective authors.

As a living publishing house, Enceladus Press will also be offering a series of podcasts with the most important figures in today's art world, online content, and the broadcasting of conferences and meetings on both sides of the Atlantic.